Another Ploy to Remove Access to Mining Claims

Here is some information from Jim Wharff of First Class miners, concerning adding Jushua Trees to Threatened Species Listings. Included is a sample petition letter.

Good afternoon members,

Below is an email sent out by San Bernardino County Supervisor Dawn Rowe.  This has to do with the Center for Biological Diversity wanting the California Fish & Game Commission to list the Joshua Tree as a threatened species.  First of all, anything having to do with the Center for Biological Diversity is not or cannot be good for mining, professional, recreational, small scale or whatever.  Nor good off roading, hunting, etc..  As for us it will another way to shut off the Rattlesnake area claims.  Take my word for it if the Joshua Tree gains protection under the California Endangered Species Act we will lose the Rattlesnake claims.  How?  By closing the roads, it has been done before.  If you give a damn write your letter and it can be sent by email (address shown below) or snail mail (address is in the attached sample letter).  First read everything, use the sample letter as a guide, turn it into your own words.  Members outside the county and write also.  Do it today.



“I am writing to make sure you are all aware that the Center for Biological Diversity has submitted a proposal

 proposal to list the western Joshua tree as a threatened species is under consideration by the California Fish and Game Commission. If this proposal is approved, the Joshua tree would be protected under the California Endangered Species Act, a move that would effectively halt the development of private property within large swaths of the California desert and bring the state government into the backyards of desert residents uninvited.  


I have attached a fact sheet about what this would do to our area, as well as a sample letter. I would encourage you to PLEASE send a letter to the commission no later than May 20th.  Please forward this to anyone else you may know if real estate, construction, building...any land owner. The only way the commission will listen to our voices out here is if we each take a few minutes to send in our comments.  Letters can be sent via regular mail (address is in the attached sample letter),  or by email to (include “Petition to List the Western Joshua Tree” in the subject line).  


Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for taking the time to do this for our area.”


Very Respectfully,


Dawn Rowe

Jushua Tree Endangered Species Listing Fact Sheet.pdf