Happy New Year!

Greetings, WEPC members,

Happy New Year!  I sure hope 2022 is better than 2021 for everyone.  I know I did not find much gold this year, but I did have a lot of fun trying.  We have a lot to cover in this message.  The first important item is that we have decided to cancel the 1/4/22 General Meeting.  COVID Omicron is spreading at an enormous rate and is so much more contagious than Delta (which was much more contagious than the original COVID).  I think it is best to pass on a meeting this month until things settle down.  

The club has signed up for a booth at the gold show in Pomona in 6 weeks.  However, we shall see if this is cancelled or if the club decides to sit this one out.  We will know more in a few weeks.

Some other big news is our new club officers.  We had many people end up serving almost 3 years of a one-year term due to COVID.  I am turning over the reins to our new President, Marshall Holman.  Many of you know him well and the club is in good hands.  He has served as president in the past and helped me enormously in the last almost 4 years I have been serving.  Our new Vice President is Ben Wilbur.  Secretary will be me (Kevin Regli).  Treasurer will be Julia Wilbur.  Board members will be Bob Ashe, Pat Ashe, Dmitri Maslov, Zoe Regli, Sharon Dahl, Fred Dahl, Alex Rocco, and Lyle Majeska.  We have some new faces and it will be nice to get some new ideas.  I want to thank Nikki Brady, Bill Brady, and Doris Holden who are retiring from the board for all the hard work they have done for the club.

This is my last message as president as the new board members will serve 18 months starting 1/1/22.  Remember we have 9 great claims and I have been seeing many nuggets found in the past 6 weeks at our various desert claims.  Even I finally found a little one at Randsburg after years of finding flakes and pickers there.  Keep looking for gold!

Kevin Regli, President West End Prospectors