Urgent: Eagle Mountain Boundary Study

Here is a message from First Class Miners that is important to all prospectors. Please read the email and add a comment on the nps.gov webpage. I have opened up comments on this post(click Read More).

For those who are .gov illiterate, click here for the proposals.

If you wish to share your comments please do so.


Good morning!  Many of you are aware that the National Park Service completed their study of the Eagle Mountain area and the possibility of annexing BLM land into Joshua Tree National Park.  The study is available online for print or view.
In a nutshell their are 4 Alternatives.  Alternative A leaves everything the way it currently is.  The park service's preferred and proposed alternative is C, which would bring the land into the national park.  We would lose ATV, dirt bike travel.  Claims would require validity paperwork which could be costly.  Camping and fire restrictions could also be a possibility.
I request that ALL members take a look at this document and submit comments.  It's our last chance.
1.  Once you get to the page, look in the left column under "project links" and click on "open for comment".  It will show you a list of documents for comment (there is only one).  Click on the document (Eagle Mountain Boundary Study...)
2.  At the bottom you will see a link to the document.  It is large and I encourage you to read it.  But specifically look at the 4 alternatives A-D.
3.  You will also see a button in the middle of the page that says "comment now"  Click that to comment.  Note the final cutoff for comments is May 27th.

We just lost 1.8 million acres

Today we lost 1.8 million acres. The solid red area is 3 new National Monuments signed into law by executive order. Bypassing the meesly 7% support in congress, it was made law under the Antiquities Act.

No prospecting at all. Can't even pick up a rock.

Below is with the current Wilderness areas in green. At least you can prospect, but no vehicles, motorized equipment or metal detectors in Wilderness areas.

Judge Ochoa Stays CEQA Ruling in Remarkable Court Proceeding

Judge Ochoa Stays CEQA Ruling in Remarkable Court Proceeding

In San Bernardino Superior Court, Judge Gilbert Ochoa candidly admitted that the mining community is being denied justice in his own courtroom by deferring a decision on the CEQA case. In what amounts to a judicial olé, Judge Ochoa is kicking the can down the road until the California Supreme Court rules on the Brandon Rinehart case.
-PLP Editor

Comments from Attorney James Buchal:

This morning was the scheduled time for Judge Ochoa to hear and rule upon CEQA and Administrative Procedure Act challenges to the Department’s FSEIR on suction dredging, as well as the time set for a hearing on a motion for summary judgment (and the Department’s counter-motion for judgment on the pleadings) concerning the question whether AB 120 and SB 1018 were unconstitutional for violation of the “one subject” rule in the California Constitution.


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