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Big Bear Letter

Attention fellow Prospectors & Miners, the Forest Service has ordered a winter closure of 3N16 through Holcomb Valley. We need all of you that will be affected by this to write emails.
Here is the email I sent to Scott Eliason and Jody Noiron about Holcomb Valley being closed for the winter. Please write your own personal comments to them about how this closure, which has already been ordered, will affect you. It doesn't need to be elegant as much as heartfelt.
Here's an idea/draft to the Forest Service how your email could be written.

Dear Ms. Noiron and Mr. Eliason:

As a frequent year round visitor to the San Bernardino Mountains, I am disturbed to have learned that the Forest Service has ordered a winter closure of roads in Holcomb Valley. I am not only a dealership employee that depends on the ability of off-road owners to visit the Forest, but also personally come to Big Bear 4-5 times each month on back country trips, most of the time using Holcomb Valley Road (3N16) to get to and from the many accessible trails.

I have enjoyed the outdoors from my earliest years growing up.
I am particularly disturbed that the notice of closure order was not publicly announced, in fact it was very difficult to find even after I knew it was posted on your website. I firmly believe that closing access to public lands should be discussed openly so that you understand the impact of your actions before you decide on a course of action
Miners are not alone in their interest in keeping access to Holcomb Valley year round, we are joined by off highway drivers hunters, campers, hikers, and miners.

Closing Holcomb Valley is not in the best interest of Forest visitors, nor to the many local business owners and employees that work in the mountains and depend on the tourism promoted by the Forest. I urge you to hold a public hearing to discuss the reasons you feel this action is necessary, and to work to find a mutually beneficial solution that does not involve closure of Holcomb Valley.
Bryan De Ghetto