Drywashing Pacific Mining District

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Drywashing Pacific Mining District

I was out in the Pacific Mining District in the Chuckwalla Mountain Range out interstate 10 past Indio about 35 miles. Did some nugget shooting and dry washing in a dry river bed. I found some old bullets one is a .50 cal that's a lot of lead I brought home. I didn't find any nuggets got very little fine powder gold in the dry washer. I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked digging. I'll go back there was ALOT of black sand everywhere. This poor guy was trying to hide under a bush years ago.

Drywashing Pacific Mining District

Hi Steve, Your equipment is obviously working just fine.  I'm looking forward to prospecting that area soon.   


That area is close to home and I am interested in learning more about that area.  There is gold to be found out there.

re: Chuckwalla

The Chuckwalla is a prime area for the club to pick up a new claim. It is too hot for mining in the summer but the winter is very nice. Usually 10 to 20 degrees warmer then Coolgardie.

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Yes Chucwalla or Dale would be good choices.