Portagee Creek Claim

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Portagee Creek Claim
Portagee Creek Claim

I'm going up to the Portagee Creek claim at Happy Camp again in July 2015. Does anyone know the history of who blocked off the access roads with rocks and dirt berm that go from the parking area down closer to the water? Was this done by the club or USFS? A locked/keyed gate would make life a lot easier to move your equipment down to where you are actually working. Beautiful area and good gold on this claim by the way. The water has been low so you can get farther out into the river bed itself. Any info or history on this would be appreciated.

It was definitely not done by

It was definitely not done by the club. It is our understanding that the berm was placed by the USFS a few years ago.

Portagee Creek

I will be speaking with New 49ers while I'm up there and see if they have any insight as to access roads to their claims being blocked off. Maybe some adjustments can be made for our access if this was done illegally. Thank you for the info.

Portugese Creek

About 4 years ago, when the State banned dredging on the Klamath

River.  A West ender (who is no longer alive) became very upset, not

wanting to stop mining.  Somewhere along the way he said certain

things and made the Forest Service  Very Angry.  The USFS put

berms up blocking all access and has been that way since.  Last

year I was a guest for a few days on the claim with a friend until

they kicked us out because of the fires.  Before we left however

we talked to the new person in charge of the USFS in that area,

who checked into it and said that he would order the berms removed

and renew access.  I don't know if he did remove the berms or not

he said that he would last year.


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I will b up at bearclaw friday and sat june19 20 anyone care to join me ! Lets go get that gold!