WEPC has 11 scheduled outings each year.

The WEPC scheduled outings for 2023 are listed below.  As a member in good standing, you have access to WEPC claims any time for up to 3 weeks at any given claim. 

The Outing schedule is subject to change due to weather and the claims condition.  Check this website for updates as the date for an outing gets closer.   Plan ahead.  Attend lots of outings this year.  Come for the day, the weekend or longer!

We have good access and "dry camping" at all scheduled outings.  "Dry camping" means that there are no hook-ups for water or electricity.  Bring plenty of water. Bring a generator if you need electricity.

Saturday night potlucks, campfires on the desert claims, beautiful sunsets, peace and quiet and great camaraderie - it doesn't get better than that. 

All members and their Guests who intend to build a campfire or cook using a barbecue while on the claims shall first obtain a CAMPFIRE PERMIT.  NO CAMPFIRES are permitted at Big Bear however, propane BBQs are allowed by permit.  Campfires are allowed by permit on the desert claims.

Get your fire permit here.

Public Resources Code
Campfire Defined
—“Campfire” means a fire which is used for cooking, personal warmth, lighting, ceremonial or aesthetic purposes. This includes fires
contained within outdoor fireplaces and enclosed stoves with flues or chimneys, stoves using jellied, liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels, portable barbecue pits and braziers, or space heating devices which are used outside any structure, mobile home, or living accommodation mounted on a motor vehicle. “Campfire” does not include portable lanterns designed to emit light resulting from a combustion process.

Click here for list of outings.