AMRA Idaho Dredge Update

Yesterday little brown envelopes were placed on several of our vehicles. In those were several things.
1) a “warning notice” from the LEO stating we were dredging without a PoO and which, he said days earlier this document (should we be given one) was only that we agreed to disagree, it was only for documentation.
2) a “notice of non-compliance” stating the same thing.
3) an “incident report” which states again, the same thing, but this time it was only handed out to the AMRA dredges (3) on the river, not to the other miners and it states on this document that it is a “misdemeanor” instead of the citation (like a parking ticket) stated in their own governing documents and as per their own LEO Brooks Beegle.
4) a PoO form to fill out to “come into compliance”.
It is quite interesting that the level of alleged offense was escalated to a misdemeanor and only given to AMRA. Seems a bit … how do we say it….discriminatory and harassing? I’ve now missed three full days of mining, and when you average ounces per day, it adds up pretty fast the losses you incur for this material interference.
They are giving us until noon tomorrow to remove our dredges and stop all operations or face potential arrest and now criminal citations.

WEPC General Meeting

WEPC General Meeting Tuesday 5-1-18 at 7:30 PM, at the Norco Lions Club.  Don't forget your Member Badge.  WEPC will be accepting more nominations for Officers and Board of Directors members at the meeting.  To qualify for these positions,  you must be a member in good standing for at least one year.  


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