Former Member WEPC Hye McCall

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Former Member WEPC Hye McCall

I first learned about Hye McCall through reading articles by Jim Strait in the ICMJ and Popular Mining Magazine.

I was stationed at China Lake NWC  1971-1973 and became interested in the old mines in the area.

Moved to Montana in the 80s and Hamilton, MT around 2008. My wife Susan had an antique shop on Main St. and imagine my surprise when she called and told me a man named Hy was in the shop with a metal detector for sale!

It was Hy McCall III. Hy McCall II had moved to Hamilton and passed away there in 2012.

Being a Detector Collector, I couldn't resist a rare Compass AU 2000. This was the one Hy used on WEPC  outings  many years ago. 

I gold detect in Montana and  Arizona and recently attended a prospectors club meeting in Hesperia, Ca after being  towed  there from Barstow for a transmission replacement.

They were a very welcoming and sympathetic group!

Let me know if anyone remembers Hye.

                                                Thank you, Mike