PLP Uncertainty

We have received this letter from the PLP. There has been a takeover of the Board of Directors that has led to uncertainty of the leadership. We suggest to refrain supporting either financially until this is resolved.

August 17, 2016

To all PLP members and supporters,

The Board of directors must inform you of the current situation we are experiencing. We were hoping to have solved this matter sooner. However, it appears this might take longer than we expected so we must inform you now of recent events. Here are that facts:

On July 14, 2016, this board received resignation letters from four of our board members:

  • Ray Kender, resigned Secretary
  • Barry Wetherby, resigned Director
  • Pat Keene, resigned Director
  • Duane Platz, resigned Recording Secretary.

On July 21, 2016, a meeting was held at Keene Engineering, unannounced to us and to you as PLP members, and an election was held that supposedly removed the current board members and supposedly placed Ray Kender as interim President. It appears all resigned board members were present.

On July 23, 2016 Ray Kender, without any knowledge or consent from PLP, executed various corporate documents purporting to be an authorized agent of PLP, including the filing of an updated statement of information with the California Secretary of State appointing himself as an officer, director and agent of service of process. Soon after, Mr. Kender under the self-assumed title of “President” presented falsified documentation to the bank that PLP banks with, usurping our corporate bank account. He also changed the locks on our mailbox withholding access of all PLP property from your current board of directors. Acts that this board sees as an improper exercise of corporate authority that Mr. Kender did not, and does not possess.

In Memory of Geri Bowes

It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the death of Geri Bowes, the wife of Bob Bowes. Geri passed away on June 23rd of a heart attack.

The following arrangements have been made for Geri

"Celebration of Life"
Monday, August 1st at 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
American Legion Post 79
2979 Dexter Dr, Riverside, California 92501

In Memory of Larry Heidler

It is with a great deal of sadness that we have to share the unfortunate tragedy that has led to the death of Larry Heidler on June 29th, 2016. Larry was enjoying his passion of hang gliding when he had an accident while launching in Crestline.

Larry had been a Vice President and was always first to volunteer supporting club activities, and was the friendliest guy imaginable.

Our condolences go out to Bonnie, his family, and his friends.

Larry will truly be missed.

Funeral Arrangements Larry Heidler

  • The following arrangements have been made for my husband, Larry Heidler    
  • Viewing and service: July 14, 2016  10:00 AM
  • East Hills Church 20660 Orange Terrace Parkway Riverside, Ca
  • Military Service at gravesite
  • Riverside National Cemetery 22495 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside, Ca 12:15
  • Celebration of Life   Orangecrest Club  1175 E. Alessandro Blvd. Riverside, Ca 1:30

Big Bear Letter


Attention fellow Prospectors & Miners, the Forest Service has ordered a winter closure of 3N16 through Holcomb Valley. We need all of you that will be affected by this to write emails.
Here is the email I sent to Scott Eliason and Jody Noiron about Holcomb Valley being closed for the winter. Please write your own personal comments to them about how this closure, which has already been ordered, will affect you. It doesn't need to be elegant as much as heartfelt.



I just heard That The US Forest Service.

They are going to close Holcomb Valley for the winter.

Please spread the news and contact the SBNF.

Remember once the Forest Service starts Adding gates they like to keep them closed all year.


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