2015-2016 Board Elections

WEPC will be taking nominations for new Officers and Board Members at the General Meeting. WEPC is a corporation, and by law, WEPC must have elected Officers and Board Members to operate. Without them, WEPC will cease to exist. Officer positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. There are also 9 Board Member positions to fill. Members must have one year of membership to qualify for the above positions. Members must make nominations for these positions. The members who are nominated must be available to accept or decline the nomination. The election will be held at the June General Meeting. WEPC needs volunteers for committee positions. Any member, regardless of membership time, can volunteer for the committees. Please log in with your member account to view the current nominees.

Current nominees can be found in the members' forum at the following link


Claim maps

I'm in the process of formatting the TOPO's and data for the claim maps. I'm making them fully interactive, so check out the claim sections. Buckshot is started but I have some more changes to do. After they are done I'll put together a tutorial to use them.

If you have any suggestions to improve the maps let me know.

I will be adding a highlighted road layer to the overlays for each claim, so don't suggest this.

California gold miners score another win over state

Capitol alert, Dan Walters, 1/14/2015

California’s 21st century gold miners have scored a second major victory over state efforts to restrict – or ban – them from searching for the precious metal in rivers and streams on federally owned land, such as national forests.

On Monday, San Bernardino County Judge Gilbert Ochoa, building on a previous decision by a state appellate court, declared that the state’s moratorium on using suction dredges to sift through gravel had become a de facto ban and thus violated federal mining law, which encourages mining on federal lands.


wepcgold.com Accounts

All current members should now have a wepcgold.com account if they previously have provided an email address. Account details were emailed out to current members earlier in January.

If you did not receive the "New Account" email:

  1. Try to reset your password by following the "Request new password" on the front page in the "User login" box. This will send you a temporary password using the email address we have on record for you.
  2. If you are unable to claim your account using the first technique or have never provided an email address or have changed your email address, please fill out the form "Account Reset or Claim" under "Contact" in the main menu.

Member's Mining Location Reports

The "Member's Mining Location Report" form is now available to members.

Included in the "Members Section" is an online form that can be submitted by members and a downloadable pdf of the original "Mail in" form. To access these forms you are required to login with your site account.

Pomona GPAA GOLD Show

Event date: 
Saturday, February 7, 2015 - 12:00am to Sunday, February 8, 2015 - 11:30pm

Fun for the Whole Family

Whether young, old, or somewhere in the middle, the excitement of unearthing your first spec of gold is something that you're not soon to forget. The Gold and Treasure expos are great opportunities to experience that level of excitement first hand. Spread out amongst the vendors are panning troughs for both kids and adults where you can learn skills and techniques used by the best in the business to uncover a healthy amount of gold.  


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